My Weekly Top Picks of Online Community Articles – 1

I thought I would share some of the more interesting articles that I read about online community management and online communities. This week my reading list has included: Knowledge Sharing in Virtual Communities: A Social Exchange Theory Perspective Paper by Li Jinyang, School of Information Management, HuBei University of Economics (China). The paper discusses the social exchange theory in which share willingness, trust, reciprocity, and altruism tended to have impact on people’s knowledge sharing … [Read more...]


SPRINT Roll Call – Who’s going?

I am really excited to be going to Feverbee's SPRINT which is being held in San Francisco on Oct 29 - 30 and attending some great workshops, and listening to some excellent speakers. It looks like a great conference with the promise that it’s going to be big on actionable and relevant community management information. Note to self:  Get a new notebook (yes I still find it much easier to write notes with a pen and paper … call me old school if you like :D) and I plan to take a copious amount of notes (ummmmmm, … [Read more...]


SXSW 2015 – I Voted. Have you?

I'm lucky enough to be working for a really great company, Emoderation, and work with some really great people. Some of whom have submitted sessions for South by South West (SXSW) in 2015. They are all fantastic panels, and anyone attending would benefit greatly from the sessions. So if any of them are of interest to you, please take a moment to vote. Thanks so much! Building great teams in a distributed workforce  Breaking borders: how to run social media at scale Rehearsing a crisis breaking on social … [Read more...]


The Best Use of a Community Manager’s Time

We often get so caught up in dealing with community squabbles that we run the risk of overlooking the quiet members in our community. The ones who help others but don't make any large ripples while doing it. More than likely they are the ones who provide the most, and often the best, content in your community. Members who have escaped your notice because they haven’t made a lot of noise, or caused you any problems, but rather have quietly interacted with others. It's these “quiet folks” who help build and maintain … [Read more...]


Members Helping Members

If you've run a community for any length of time you will have witnessed many occasions when your community members have supported each other through illness, death, job losses and other life events. Indeed, the community I oversee has been through many deaths and illnesses over the years, and we've not only seen the member through these difficult times but also their family's too. Here are two recent episodes where this has happened. We had a member who was pretty good at getting people to bite, any … [Read more...]


UK Internet Censorship of Forums?

Recently the UK Prime Minister announced plans that would force ISP's in the UK to automatically block pornography.  Ultimately a type of automatic "opt-out." Initially (as a parent) I thought this was a good idea. There are many parents out there who aren't internet, or computer savvy, and have no idea of what content their children are consuming on the internet. However, someone on e-mint (which if you aren't a member of you should be) brought to my attention an article on the Open Rights Group website, that … [Read more...]


How to Email New Members to Encourage them to Engage

I've mentioned before how I email new members at the end of every month. But …. with around 1,500 - 2,000 members joining every month how does that scale, and how do you keep it personal? Firstly my aim is to target members who haven't posted during their first month of membership, or members who posted when they first joined but haven't been back since. Quite often if they haven't posted at all they may not be sure where to start, or even how to post. Not everyone is a seasoned online community user; some have … [Read more...]


Time is Your Friend

A member recently contacted me to express concern over another member's avatar. I took a look at the avatar in question, and at first glance I saw the same thing the first member did. However, it didn't seem in character with the member who was using the avatar. She wasn't connected to the issue, nor was she the type of person to cause conflict or controversy within the community. So I took the time to consult with the moderators who oversee the section that the member concerned interacted in. They took a closer … [Read more...]


VirComm 13 – The Outtakes

The Virtual Community Summit took place in London yesterday. It's the second one they've run and by all accounts was enjoyed by all. Last year they streamed it live on the interwebs, which was great for folk like me who couldn't attend. This year, however, there was no streaming but plenty of tweets from people who shared some great info. I love these out takes from eModeration:   View "undefined" on Storify … [Read more...]


Manually reviewed … it just may take us a little while

Not all communities are open for public consumption. Some want to offer a unique and private environment for their members, others want to attract a select audience ... and that's ok. But if that is the route you are taking you still need to make sure your community is welcoming to new members. If you wish to review and approve new registrations in order to maintain the quality of your community content ... then that's ok too, but maybe you may want to look at how long it takes you ... because this just won't … [Read more...]